Where to buy a real megalodon tooth online

So you want to buy a real megalodon tooth online.
How to purchase an authentic megalodon tooth.
Make sure the megalodon fossil you buy is real.
Real megalodon teeth that have not been restored are becoming more difficult to find.

 Where to buy real megalodon shark teeth online

--2022 Update--
As the price of megalodon teeth has increased significantly over the last 12-24 months it is more important than ever to be careful where you purchase your megalodon tooth from as the temptation for unscrupulous  sellers has increased.

If you are reading this article, you want to buy a real megalodon tooth, or are at least interested in purchasing a genuine fossil megalodon tooth online. In the article below, I will outline some things to look for along with pitfalls to be aware of when trying to buy an authentic megalodon tooth.

Where you buy a megalodon tooth online matters
When you decide to purchase a fossil megalodon tooth online, the place where you buy that tooth from is important because if it allows a seller to sell the tooth anonymously or with a fake profile it will be easy for them to sell you a tooth that is not real and then just disappear. 

Authentic megalodon teeth, where to buy them

-  Be wary of purchasing a fossil megalodon tooth through social media platforms, unscrupulous sellers can create a fake account, sell a few restored teeth or not send a tooth then simply delete the account.  If conversing with someone and considering purchasing a tooth from them make sure that their account is at least a year old and shows a good amount of activity. This will make it less likely to be scammed when trying to buy a real megalodon tooth.
- Craigslist and other anonymous selling platforms are very high risk when it comes to purchasing a megalodon tooth.  The anonymity allows for a seller to post pictures of a tooth that they may or may not have, or conceal the fact the tooth is a replica or heavily repaired.  There are many places to purchase real megalodon teeth online that have a way lower risk to you as a buyer.
- Brand new websites or websites with less than a year of history can be a risky place to purchase a megalodon tooth from.  Doing a ICANN search on the domain name can let you know how long the URL has been registered and a search with the WAYBACKMACHINE can allow you to see the site’s history.  If a website has not been online and functioning for at least two years, you will want to do additional research to make sure it is not a shell/scam site set up to sell fake teeth, or teeth that are not in the possession of the seller.  You can read more about How to Buy an Authentic Megalodon Shark Tooth here.

Buy a real megalodon tooth online
When you are ready to purchase a megalodon tooth online you should look for a well established seller with a good track record and plenty of online references.
- The website should be well established when buying a fossil megalodon tooth online.  Doing an ICANN search and making sure the site has several years of history will help you avoid pop-up sites that sell a high volume of fake teeth then disappear.
- Social media accounts supporting the website should also have history.  The seller you are purchasing a real fossil megalodon tooth from should have supporting social media accounts that the website links to and visa versa.  While this is not a guarantee of legitimacy, it is far more difficult to create a website and several supporting social media accounts with history and then defraud people wanting to purchase authentic megalodon teeth.
- The seller and their website selling megalodon teeth should have good online reviews.  Having good reviews and reviews spanning over a year is a good way to ensure that a website is selling real megalodon teeth and is trustworthy.  Reviews can be purchased and faked, but if the review platform is trusted and the reviews span over at least 12 months, you have a much better chance of buying a genuine megalodon tooth.  An example is Google reviews, you should look for reviews that require a third party account so an unscrupulous seller cannot simply write 50 “great” reviews. Google reviews have safeguards in place that make it challenging for people to fake them.


Genuine megalodon teeth for sale online
The seller should offer a high quality certificate of authenticity for the megalodon teeth they sell
If the online seller has kept reasonable track of the chain of custody they should be able to provide a COA for an additional cost to ensure the tooth is genuine and free of repair or restoration.  Beware of sellers who include a free generic COA with all their fossils, even low price ones because these are often just generic at-home printed COAs with no identifying characteristics with the tooth and therefore hold little weight and provide no value.  A buyer should also be wary of megalodon teeth that come with a free COA if the price of the tooth is under $100.  A good COA takes time and resources to make and if it is being offered for free it likely is worthless. You can read more about Megalodon Certificates of Authenticity here to ensure you buy a real megalodon tooth, not a replica.

The website selling the fossil megalodon teeth should know and share the chain of custody upon request
Each time a fossil megalodon tooth changes hands from one party to another there is a chance the tooth could be enhanced, repaired, or altered before passing to the next buyer without those modifications being disclosed.  If you want to buy a real megalodon tooth online you should ask the seller about who recovered the tooth and how it came into their possession, if they are unsure that is a warning sign.  You can read more about the Megalodon Supply Chain here.
Real megalodon teeth a guide to buying them online

Be aware of the financial incentive for sellers to sell you a megalodon tooth that is not real
Unfortunately, the number of real megalodon teeth that are found is becoming less and less while the demand is increasing.  This is overall increasing the price and the temptation for unscrupulous sellers to sell fake or repaired megalodon teeth instead of real megalodon fossils.  Understanding that someone can acquire or produce fake megalodon teeth for almost no cost, and then set up a social media account or website in order to sell them is important to making sure you do not get tricked into buying a megalodon tooth that is not real.  Some of these sellers will sell many fake or restored megalodon teeth in a short amount of time and then simply take down their website or their account and start all over.  Because of this the best way to ensure that you buy a megalodon tooth online that is real is to purchase it from someone with an established track record who will not sell you a fake tooth and then disappear overnight.  You can learn more about the current problems with people selling megalodon teeth that are not real here.

To summarize, the best way to buy a real megalodon tooth online is to purchase it from a seller who is established, has a long track record, is very well reviewed with Google reviews, and is committed publicly to selling real megalodon teeth, not fakes or undisclosed repaired teeth.  There are several reputable online businesses that sell real megalodon teeth; however, there are many sellers who make a profit by selling fake and repaired teeth without disclosing that information to their buyers.

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Real megalodon teeth purchase online