How to buy an authentic megalodon tooth.

Make sure the megalodon tooth you buy is real
Avoid fake and repaired megalodon teeth
Buy an authentic megalodon tooth online


So you want to buy a megalodon tooth but want to make sure it is a genuine megalodon and is a real fossil not a replica or repaired tooth?  Here are some tips to help make sure you are buying an authentic megalodon tooth.

-- 2022 Update --
As the price of megalodon teeth has continued to go up at an increasing rate over the last one to two years it is more important to ensure that the megalodon tooth you are purchasing is authentic and not restored. The article below has been updated and is relevant to the current market state.

Who you buy your megalodon tooth from.
Who you buy your megalodon tooth from
This is for the most part the most important factor if you are looking to purchase an authentic megalodon tooth.  Is the business or person you are purchasing your tooth from trustworthy, and knowledgeable.  The vast majority of megalodon teeth that are sold are purchased and then resold, teeth purchase from a reseller come with some complications and a reseller being trustworthy goes a long way.  It is important that the business or person you are purchasing a megalodon tooth from is trustworthy and is not selling you a fake or repaired tooth, but you also need to be confident that the source they purchased the tooth from was also.  Often times a megalodon tooth will change hands several times, when this happens it is important that the upstream sellers all are honest.

Does the Megalodon tooth come with the option of a Certificate of Authenticity?
Megalodon Certificate of Authenticity
Certificates of Authenticity can be helpful when purchasing a fossil megalodon tooth; however make sure it is a good certificate of authenticity.
Check out the article - Is your megalodon certificate of authenticity any good? to make sure you are getting a legitimate and relevant COA not just a mass-produced worthless piece of paper.
A good Certificate of Authenticity should include several elements that make them labor intensive to make, if your getting a free COA with your tooth, especially a low value one, ask yourself if it is a good COA and check the article above.
If you would like to buy a megalodon with a Certificate of Authenticity you can do so at the Dark Water Megs Online Store.

Where you buy a megalodon tooth from. 
Where you buy megalodon tooth from
Whether you purchase a megalodon tooth from a brick and mortar store or an online store it helps to do just a little homework.  Did the store open a week ago or has it been on the corner for years?  In the case of a website did the site launch a week ago or has the online store been selling megalodon teeth for several years?  Not to say that a new store or website cannot sell megalodon teeth but if the store or website is new you may want to exercise some additional caution when making a purchase.  Fortunately for collectors  looking to purchase an authentic megalodon tooth a little online research can quickly tell them how long a storefront has been open or a domain name has been active. 

City/State/Federal records or a chamber of commerce can quickly tell you how long a business has been open and selling megalodon teeth. 
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For people wanting to purchase an authentic megalodon tooth online an “ICANN Lookup” can quickly tell you how long the website has been registered and in use. 

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A combination of those searches can let you as a buyer know whether the business you are purchasing a megalodon tooth from opened yesterday or years ago.

Purchasing from a business, an individual, or both.

Some individuals sell teeth part time or as a hobby, others do it as a way of getting rid of a collection.  There are many reasons an individual might sell teeth but something a buyer should be aware of is that purchasing a tooth from an individual can result in less accountability and security.  In the online world the risk of being victimized by an unscrupulous individual seller increases, multiple IDs on a sales platform, fake profiles, and fictitious identities and inventory need to be watched out for.
Purchasing a megalodon tooth from a business does not guarantee authenticity and a smooth transaction but there are safeguards in place with state, federal, and local governments to assure that consumers protected.

Ask the seller, then ask again.
When purchasing a megalodon tooth or other fossil shark tooth one of the best ways to assure you receive a genuine megalodon tooth not a fake or repaired tooth is to simply ask.  It may sound simple but often times sellers will conveniently neglect to disclose that a tooth has been repaired or may even be a cast but when directly and clearly asked often times will disclose the information.

Beware of repaired megalodon teeth that are not authentic
When buying a megalodon tooth if you are concerned that there might be repair, restoration, or a composite tooth for sale that you are looking at consider asking the following questions:
“Is this a real megalodon tooth?”
“Does this megalodon tooth have any repair, restoration, or other enhancement?”
“How do you know your previous two answers, where did you get the tooth from?”
Many times when asked those questions a seller who conveniently forgot to mention that the tooth they are selling is heavily repaired will then remember and then disclose that information.

Where did the seller get the tooth from.

Buy an authentic megalodon tooth
Another very important question to ask when trying to buy an authentic megalodon tooth is to ask the seller where he or she got it from.  Many megalodon teeth that are sold have changed hand before and you as a buyer want to know where the seller got the tooth.  A vague answer should raise some red flags as you need to be sure that not only this seller is honest and trustworthy but also the prior seller as restoration or repair could happen at any point in the supply chain.

When attempting to purchase an authentic megalodon tooth online or in person it is important to ask questions if you are unsure or suspicious.  As megalodon and other fossil shark teeth increase in value the temptation for sellers to repair or restore teeth, or flat out sell manufactured teeth increases.  The quality and sophistication of these repairs and fake teeth continues to improve and is often not noticeable without experience spotting these fakes and repairs.  Know who you are buying from, where they got the tooth from, and ask questions and you will have a better chance at buying a real megalodon tooth.

If you are reading this article you may be interested in purchasing an authentic megalodon tooth. If you are may I suggest checking out my online megalodon tooth store. I find all of the megalodon teeth I sell myself, all of them are free from repair or restoration, and I have been selling megalodon and other fossilized shark teeth online for several years.
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