Buy a megalodon tooth with international shipping

Does Dark Water Megs Ship Internationally?
Can you ship megalodon teeth to other countries?
How are megalodon teeth packaged and shipped worldwide?


I often get questions about shipping fossil megalodon shark teeth internationally and I will do my best to answer that here.  As more and more people around the world become aware of and are interested in megalodon shark teeth, there is an increased demand for people outside of the USA to purchase and own megalodon teeth.  While there are some additional steps and costs required, megalodon teeth can be shipped just about anywhere in the world and here at Dark Water Megs I ship megalodon teeth to other countries on a regular basis.  Some of the considerations for internationally shipping fossil megalodon teeth are highlighted below.

Extra Packaging for Megalodon Teeth
While most megalodon teeth recovered by Dark Water Megs are solid and durable, they cannot be struck against other hard objects without risking damage.  For international megalodon shipments,some additional packaging, padding, and care is needed to make sure the tooth arrives safely to the buyer.  Cardboard and other recycled materials are used as often as possible to reduce the environmental impact of shipping these fossil megalodon teeth and to ensure that they arrive safely at their overseas destination.

Worldwide shipping of megalodon teeth

Increased Shipping Cost For Megalodon Teeth
Shipping megalodon teeth within the United States is very economical; however, shipping fossil shark teeth internationally is significantly more expensive.  This additional expense is due to the greatly increased distance and logistics of getting a package to the destination, along with multiple carriers or governmental agencies being involved.  The cost of shipping megalodon teeth and other fossils to other countries often makes lower value megalodon teeth cost less than the shipping to delivery them.

Customs, Shipping, and Delivery Forms for Megalodon Shark Teeth
Depending on the value and weight of the megalodon tooth or other fossil being shipped there are a variety of different forms that need to be filled out by the shipper.  For a lightweight and low value shipment this process can be as simple as filling out two short forms with pertinent information and dropping the package off to be shipped.  However; if a shipment of megalodon teeth has significant value or substantial weight, then often additional forms are required.  Each shipping services requires different forms and package specifics to be completed in order to transport the megalodon tooth shipment to the desired international location.

Address Format Differences
When shipping megalodon teeth to a different country it is important to complete the address based on the destination countries format, not the address format of the country the package is being sent from.  Much like differences in language or measures of weight and distance, address formats can vary from country to country and it is important that the correct address format is used to ensure that a megalodon purchased by someone in another country arrives in a timely manner.

International shipping megalodon teeth for sale

Language Barriers
It is important when shipping a fossil megalodon tooth internationally to remember that the destination country may not have the same language.  This language difference can cause delays or problems with shipping especially if shipping and customs forms are not completed correctly.  With different languages being used it is easy for an address format or simple mistake on a shipping form to result in the fossil megalodon tooth being delayed or being returned to the shipper.

Restrictions on Shipping Megalodon Teeth

While megalodon shark teeth can be shipped almost anywhere in the world, there are some countries that restrict or prohibit fossil shark teeth from being sent out of the country.  The restriction on exporting megalodon shark teeth can lead to confusion with inexperienced carriers and customs agents when a megalodon tooth is not shipped with the correct HS Tariff Code and other important documentation.  This can result in a significant package delay when shipping megalodon teeth internationally.

Tracking Information for Megalodon Shark Teeth
Package tracking is constantly improving in providing both the shipper and the recipient of a megalodon shark tooth package information to know where the tooth is and when it may arrive.  However; there are sometimes issues in the tracking continuity when shipping to certain countries and often it can take quite some time for the status to update. 

Transit Time for Megalodon Shark Teeth Shipped Internationally
The time it takes for a package containing a megalodon shark tooth to arrive in another country from the United States is highly subject to several variables.  The shipping carrier selected will greatly impact the time it takes for a fossil to arrive in the destination country.  Additionally the specific shipping service chosen can determine if the package takes several days or several weeks to be delivered to the buyer.

Inernational shipping for megalodon shark teeth

Other Variables When Shipping Megalodon Teeth Worldwide
The factors listed above highlight some of the things to be aware of when purchasing a megalodon tooth from the United States and having it shipped internationally, but there are many other variables.  Things like port closures, customs backlogs, and staffing issues at any step in the shipping path can cause delays.  As the world learned during 2020, sometimes something unexpected can cause shipping delays with international packages.  I am happy to report that while some packages were significantly delayed, all international packages sent from Dark Water Megs arrived safely during that time. 

If you are interested in purchasing a megalodon shark tooth or other fossil and having it shipped internationally to you I would suggest you check out the Dark Water Megs Online Store.  You will be able to view a variety of megalodon teeth and make a purchase after entering your shipping information.  There are a few items that are not eligible for international shipping due to their low price point and relatively high weight, but about 95% of the megalodon and other fossil shark teeth you see for sale can be purchased and shipped worldwide.  If you have any questions feel free to Contact Dark Water Megs with any international shipping questions you may have.