Why do megalodon teeth have different colors?

Why are most megalodon teeth grey?
How do megalodon teeth get their different colors?

Megalodon teeth including the megalodon teeth for sale I have in my online store and in my personal collection obtain their different colors through the fossilization process..

Megalodon and other fossilized shark teeth are most commonly black or grey, sometimes teeth have different colors and one ofDifferent Colored Megalodon Teeth the most common questions I get is: "Why are fossilized shark teeth different colors?"

To answer that question in the simplest way we have to go back a few million years.  When a shark would lose one of its teeth or the shark died leaving all of its teeth the teeth or tooth would end up settling on the ocean floor.  The conditions for a shark tooth to become fossilized would need to be present but if the place and condition the tooth landed it were conducive to fossilizing the tooth the process would begin.  The fossilization process occurred when the tooth that landed on the ocean floor was covered in mud, silt, or sand and over time the minerals seeped into the tooth and replaced the parts with the tooth with minerals.  Those minerals over time replaced enough of the natural tooth to preserve it for millions of years.

The minerals that were present during the fossilization process determined the color of the fossilized tooth.  The most common color for megalodon teeth found in the Southeast US is black or grey, however many other colors of teeth can be found.  Often the teeth with unique color patterns or unusual colors are considered more valuable and sell for a higher price as they are more coveted by collectors.  I have some of those different colored megalodon teeth for sale on my Store page.

Other factors can play a part in what color a fossilized tooth is, heavy minerals or Different Colored Megalodon Teethacids present in some bodies of water can impart different colors on teeth, as can prolonged exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors that when compared to the fossilization process are very rapid.  All fossilized megalodon and other shark teeth have characteristics both in color and density based on the minerals present when they were fossilized millions of years ago but once exposed to the elements in the open air or in a body of water additional color changes can occur over time.
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Different Colored Megalodon Teeth


Different Colored Megalodon Teeth