Why do you sell your megalodon teeth wholesale?

Wholesaling megalodon teeth cuts down on shipping.
No elaborate pictures or descriptions needed.
You can also check out the new Wholesale Page for wholesale megalodon teeth and other fossils.

After seeing how hard and dangerous diving for megalodon teeth can be I often get asked why and how I sell my fossil sharks teeth. I sell some of the teeth I don't keep for my personal collection in order to offset some of my diving expenses. I sell most of my teeth wholesale as it affords me more time to do what I enjoy, diving for megalodon teeth. In this article I outline some of the reasons I choose to sell megalodon teeth wholesale instead of individually. I sell some of my fossil sharks teeth directly to the public via my online store and wholesale buyers can contact me for wholesale inventory and pricing.


First off searching for, finding, and selling megalodon teeth and other fossils is now my day job.  I started hunting shark teeth several years ago and since then it has become my primary focus.  I go out in search of shark teeth sell them sold to help offset the expenses of dark water diving and provide income.
I do sell some shark teeth retail to the public via my website and occasionally sell a few teeth through my Facebook page or even Ebay.  But the majority of the megalodon teeth and other fossilized shark teeth I sell are sold wholesale.  The reason I sell most of my megalodon teeth wholesale is time, taking photographs, writing descriptions, posting listings, answering buyer questions, shipping, and processing payments can take a significant amount of time.  For me that is time that I could be scuba diving for shark teeth which I much prefer to selling shark teeth.  Selling fossilized shark teeth wholesale allows me to sell large quantities of megalodon and other shark teeth at once, wholesale buyers are often more educated than retail customers which cuts down questions etc.



Benefits to selling megalodon and other shark teeth wholesale.

No elaborate photo shoots of megalodon teeth
No lengthy descriptions of shark teeth
No posting/publishing listings
Not having to set up a booth at a fossil show
Not having to educate each buyer
Massive time savings over retailing teeth

Benefits of selling megalodon shark teeth retail.

Significantly higher price than selling megalodon teeth wholesale (2-3x)
Getting to know more tooth collectors
Less price negotiation than wholesale
Getting feedback from people who enjoyed their megalodon tooth or gave it as a gift.

Besides the time that is involved there are numerous other factors that contribute to me selling the majority of my megalodon and other shark teeth wholesale instead of directly to collectors.

When selling a megalodon tooth individually buyers often want to see the front and the back, along with a couple other different angles, to be competitive in selling a tooth online you need good photographs with proper lighting and focus.  It can take 2-3 tries to get a good picture of a megalodon tooth from just one angle and by the time you select your picture, crop any excess background if necessary, and post the picture you have devoted a fair amount of time to selling that megalodon tooth to a retail customer.
In contrast when selling megalodon teeth wholesale, buyers will often ask for a specific type or size of tooth in bulk and sending a group shot of the fossil shark teeth requested is adequate.

When selling a fossil shark tooth online some kind of description is required, even if it is fairly short and to the point it requires the species of shark (mako, megalodon, etc) along with specific measurements and a description of the condition, jaw position, etc.  Describing a megalodon tooth is not a long or labor intensive process however if you have several teeth to list it can take some time, especially when precise measurements of the tooth are required.
Wholesale megalodon tooth buyers on the other hand are typically buying a large quantity of the same kind of tooth.  For example an individual retail customer might be purchasing a "3.12" Megalodon tooth, lower jaw position, found in the Cooper River in 2013" while someone looking to purchase wholesale megalodon teeth would be interested in "30 Megalodon teeth ranging from 3-4 inches"

Shipping megalodon teeth and other fossil shark teeth is fairly self explanatory when it comes to the difference.  Retail buyers will often purchase one or two fossil shark teeth while someone who owns a store might want to purchase 30 megalodon teeth wholesale. 
To sell those 30 megalodon teeth to a wholesaler it might be as easy as dropping them off at their store or sending out two large boxes via mail or UPS.  However, to sell those same 30 megalodon teeth to retail buyers online it would require 20-30 separate boxes, addresses, trips to the post office, etc.
The price per tooth selling individual teeth instead of selling megalodon teeth wholesale is significantly less but it is also a lot less packaging, addressing, and shipping.  The shipping issue gets compounded when sending fossils overseas, high postage rates, difficult tracking, and long customs forms can quickly add up into a significant time investment to send one shark tooth to a buyer as opposed to sending a box of megalodon teeth to a wholesale buyer.

Assuming I am selling the shark teeth not donating them to a school or giving them away to friends and family as I do fairly frequently, there is the option of getting paid.  Some tooth buyers purchase megalodon teeth directly through my website, they checkout with PayPal or a credit card and there is not much complexity to it.  However sometimes people ask to send a check or money order and when it is a retail buyer that can slow the process down. 
For instance I recently had a gentleman contact me on Facebook, he was looking for a 5" tooth to give to his grandson for his birthday, the typical issues with selling individual teeth came up, pictures, questions, etc but eventually he found one he liked within his budget and agreed to purchase it.  However he wanted to send a money order, so I set the tooth aside and waited for payment to arrive.  Unfortunately due to several circumstances beyond my control it was about a month later before the money order for the megalodon tooth showed up, during that month I had that tooth set aside and had a wholesale buyer offer to purchase it, and had to move it several times, all the meanwhile keeping track of who it was promised to.  Eventually the money came and I sent it off, and it was a great hit at the grandson's birthday and I was glad to help, but the time of keeping that tooth set aside and not accidentally selling it, listing it, etc was an issue.
Typically wholesale buyers are much quicker and more efficient with payment as they are asking me to hold a larger quantity of fossilized megalodon and other shark teeth.

If you are looking to purchase wholesale megalodon teeth for sale I have some on my web store Megalodon Shark Teeth For Sale (both cleaned and uncleaned) as an example but sell most of my wholesale megalodon teeth directly, contact me for pictures of wholesale inventory and pricing. You can also learn more about my wholesale megalodon inventory and wholesale process by viewing my new Wholesale Page.