Megalodon Charters, Guides, and Tours

I can not provide a megalodon dive charter or tour for you and your family; however, there are businesses who can.

What to consider when booking a shark tooth tour

Who to select when deciding on a megalodon charter

Things to consider when you hire someone to take you looking for megalodon teeth


You are likely just here for the list of megalodon charters, fossil guides, and shark tooth hunting tours, so it is immediately below. You may also find the information further down the page about how to select a business to take you out looking for fossil megalodon teeth interesting and it can be found below.
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Fossil Shark Tooth Guides, Tours, and Charters

The list you see above is a group of well established businesses that have a long track record of helping charter customers, guided patrons, and tour goers have a nice and safe experience with the chance of finding fossil shark teeth, including megalodon teeth. This list is being provided in order to help people looking for a business that will help them try to find a fossil shark tooth. has not been paid or compensated by these businesses, and is providing this list as a resource for those looking for a fossil tooth guide, charter, or tour. You need to research yourself and take the necessary precautions but between the list above and the suggestions below you should be able to connect with a business that will lead you on a fossil megalodon tour, expedition, charter, or guided experience to try to find megalodons or other fossil shark teeth.

To reiterate I can NOT take you diving with me for megalodon teeth, please check out this article for a detailed explination of why.
Why I can not take you diving with me


Many people would like the experience of finding a fossil shark tooth. The process can be fun and exhilarating, but it can also be dangerous and unfruitful.
If you would like to begin fossil hunting as a hobby you should prepare yourself to do a lot of reading and research, along with being ready to spend many hours finding nothing before you find your first fossil.

However; if you are on vacation or would like to skip over the hard work of educating yourself and many potential failures you may have, then hiring a guide or going on a tour or charter may be a good option.

Finds from a megalodon charter

When selecting a megalodon charter, fossil hunt tour, or hiring a guide to lead you to an area where you may be able to find teeth there are several things to keep in mind to make sure you have an enjoyable and safe experience.

Whather you are searching for teeth on scuba, walking the beach, or paddling up a river with a tour guide to look for shark teeth, it is important to keep safety in mind. When researching a paid service to take you to look for teeth check out their website to make sure they have the proper licenses, certifications, and equipment necessary to keep you and the people you go with safe on the trip. When you book you should ask if they have the proper credentials, licenses, and experience to take you and your friends and family out looking for shark teeth. If they have the applicable safety equipment such as life jackets, first aid kits, and emergency oxygen is an important thing to know before going out, and before booking. Most reputable fossil tours, megalodon guides, and tooth scuba charters will have the required safety equipment and additional gear to help keep you safe and comfortable, along with being prepared to respond if an accident or emergency should occur.

Make sure you know what requirements there are for going on the tour or charter. You want to know ahead of time what you need to bring, what kind of physical activity will be required, and what in general you can expect. You do not want to show up to the tour with a bad knee and then realize you will be walking for 4-5 miles looking for shark teeth. It would also be bad if you showed up at the boat ready to dive then realize you don't have the correct equipment, experience, or certifications to dive the depth and conditions where you are going that day.
Many people will assume just because you are paying for the service of a guide, tour, or charter to take you looking for shark teeth that it will be easy, not physically demanding, or a short day. Check well before you finalize booking that you are physically fit enough to participate in the shark tooth tour and that you have the apptitude to go out and look for a tooth, but potentially not find one.

Finding fossil shark teeth on a tour

The fee you pay to the fossil tour, guide, or charter to take you out and hopefully find fossil shark teeth is for a service. That service is to help you skip over the many hours of research, forgo purchasing much of the equipment necessary, and bypass the dozens of bad trips looking for a location that has fossils. The price paid is rarely for a guarantee or promise of finding anything and you need to be aware of what the business is providing you for the price that they charge. Primarily the fee you pay is for knowledge, equipment use, and in some cases access; if you do not value those things you should likely do a fossil hunt on your own.


The businesses that provide megalodon tooth charters, guided fossil trips, or fossil hunting tours often have limited schedules. There will likely be other people using these services so you may need to book significantly in advance. There are also condition factors to be aware of. If you are going on a scuba charter to look for megalodon teeth the wind/wave conditions may prevent you from going, or the tides may be bad on the day you would like to go. On any fossil tour a day can be canceled due to inclement weather and some days may not be doable due to tidal conditions, or you may have to be flexible with your plans when the tour company informs you that the only time to go is during low tide. When you book with the fossil guide or other business make sure to do so via their preferred method. Some businesses will have you fill out a form on their website while others will want to do it via the phone so they can make sure you fully understand the risks or requirements for the fossil tour.

Findning fossil shark teeth on a guided tour

Like many other tours and charters, how much fun you have or what you find will ultimately be mostly up to you. If you go on a fishing charter and never put your line in the water you are unlikely to catch a fish, if you go on a fossil tooth tour or charter and don't listen to the experts and put in the time to find the teeth there is a good chance you will not find megalodon teeth, much less other fossils. Those large pretty megalodon teeth you see pictures of online are exciting to find and expensive to buy because they are difficult to locate and becoming more rare. If you go out with the expectation that you are going to find a giant beautiful megalodon tooth, then you will likely be disappointed no matter who you go out with. That said if you go out hoping for an adventure, to hopefully find a fossil shark tooth, and are excited by the CHANCE of finding a nice or big shark tooth then you have the right attitude in mind.


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