Megalodon Tooth Wall Display Mount

I wanted to mount a fossil megalodon tooth to a wall in a way that was secure and aesthetically pleasing, but not distracting.  After many failed attempts, I arrived at a solution for mounting megalodon teeth to a wall using a steel metal upright used in the Dark Water Megs megalodon tooth stands and a specific set of mounting hardware.
Creative wall display for megalodon shark teeth

I wanted the mounts to be versatile and have the ability to mount in the most common kind of wall material: drywall.  After experimenting with many hardware options, I landed on the correct combination of metal upright to hold the tooth, wall mounting hardware, and technique to provide a sturdy mount.

Big megalodon tooth mount bracket

The Megalodon Tooth Wall Mount allows megalodon teeth from as small as 2.5" wide all the way up to 5" in width to be mounted to a wall for display.
While megalodon teeth are traditionally displayed flat or on stands like the Dark Water Megs Wood Base Metal Upright megalodon stand.  These wall mounts allow you to mount megalodon teeth and other fossils in creative ways or in areas that would otherwise not be possible.

Wall mount for megalodon shark tooth

The Megalodon Tooth Wall Mount brackets utilize American made metal uprights and come with all of the mounting hardware and instructions on how to display your megalodon teeth on your wall.  The four-part mounting kit installs in about 2-3 minutes and the only tool required for installation in drywall is a standard #2 Philips screwdriver.

Megalodon shark tooth display mount

You can purchase these Dark Water Megs – Megalodon Wall Mount Brackets on my online store.

Wall Mount Display

You can purchase a wall mount for your tooth here under the Stands and Wall Mounts category.

The primary goal of creating these Megalodon Wall Mount Displays was the desire to be able to display megalodon teeth in a way that did not require a table, shelf, or case.  Having these wall mounts make it so the tooth is almost floating by itself and lets you really focus on just the megalodon tooth itself instead of being distracted by a cluttered cabinet or poorly lit shelf.  The megalodon teeth are suspended about 2-4” away from the wall using the American made metal uprights that are also used in the stands sold by Dark Water Megs.  This high quality rolled steel is welded and then powder coated for an attractive, durable, and strong way to hold these fossil megalodon teeth.

The installation process can be done in as little as 2 minutes, but often takes about 5-10 minutes for full cure time.  This also does not include the time it takes to decide where on your wall you would like to mount your megalodon shark tooth; this process can take some time and vary between different individuals.  When deciding where to mount the tooth be aware that the mounting process will create a small hole in the wall, a little larger than the diameter of a pencil, 6mm, or a quarter of an inch.  If you decide to move your tooth mount you will need to fill and paint this hole caused by mounting the megalodon tooth, but the hole left is not much larger than one that would be left by mounting a picture or calendar. 

When installing multiple megalodon teeth on a wall using the Dark Water Megs Mounting Brackets you may want to use a level or laser level to make sure the teeth are in a straight line, or some people prefer a random pattern or a specific design based on the size and shape of the teeth.  Also keep in mind that the megalodon teeth will rest in the metal brackets at different heights depending on the shape of the tooth so you should decide whether you want the mounts to be the same height, or the megalodon teeth themselves to be the same height and adjust your measurements accordingly.  In some cases people prefer to install one Megalodon Wall Bracket, place the tooth in it, then take measurements for the next teeth, so that the desired alignment of the fossil teeth in the display area is achieved.

As with any megalodon tooth display it is important to display your tooth carefully;, improper installation of these mounts can result in your tooth falling and potentially being damaged.  The mount needs to be installed correctly, fitted to securely hold your tooth, and displayed in such a way that if it is dislodged from the stand or the stand was installed incorrectly it will not break.  While I have tested these wall mount brackets extensively and display some of my own teeth using them, I cannot be responsible for damaged fossils due to incorrect use or installation of these mounts.