Many Megalodon Teeth are broken when found

A large percentage of fossilized shark teeth are found broken
Many megalodon teeth that are posted for sale are broken

A question I often get is "how many megalodon teeth do you usually  find?". 
That can be a tough one to answer as some days are better than others, some days the conditions are more favorable for finding teeth, and most importantly the area you hunt plays a big Broken Megalodon Teeth For Salefactor on how many megalodon teeth are found.  That being said what makes quantifying the answer of "how many megalodon teeth do you find a day?" even more difficult is the fact that so many of the teeth that I find are only part of a complete megalodon tooth.  Some people only count fossilized shark teeth that are 90%+ complete, others consider any part of a broken tooth as finding one, I don't have a strong opinion either way and am usually less concerned about the number of megalodon and other fossilized shark teeth I find and more concerned with the number of large and nice condition teeth I find.  I would rather find one large tooth in great condition than a hundred broken pieces, unfortunately it doesn't work out that way very often.

Many of the megalodon teeth that I find in dark water rivers are broken, many of them were broken by the megalodon and other prehistoric sharks when they bit into the hard bones of whales and other prey animals.  The fossilized teeth are also broken in the millions of years between when they fell out of the shark's mouth and when I find them.  Megalodon teeth can break  in strong river currents as other fossils and rocks  bump into them with force, over the centuries during massive floods,  and by geological events that occurred before or after the teeth were fossilized.

The end result however is that many of the fossilized megalodon teeth that are found today have condition issues.  Many are broken in half as structurally that is one of the weaker points, some have their enamel or roots broken by violent contact with other hard objects, and many have worn serrations or edges due to many years being in the bottom of river beads or the ocean with constant current and tides battering them.

Often when someone asks to buy a megalodon tooth they only want complete teeth with good serrations, not knowing that those teeth are the exception not the norm.  Many broken Broken Megalodon Teeth For Salemegalodon teeth also known as "fragalodons" need to be found in order to recover complete teeth which many collectors wish to buy.  Incomplete megalodon teeth are also for sale from myself and fossil dealers at a lower price.

Even the broken teeth are a fascinating glimpse into the ancient oceans where megalodon was the true apex predator.
The pictures of broken and complete megalodon teeth used in this article were all found by me personally, just like the megalodon and other fossilized shark teeth and other fossils I have for sale on my site, all personal finds with no repair or restoration.